Privacy Policy

Fisage Solutions Private Limited makes every effort to protect the privacy of those who access the website. To enhance your user experience, we collect and store certain information that is generated automatically as you navigate through our site. For example, we use a standard feature found in browser software called a “cookie.” Cookies are small files that your web browser places on your hard drive for record-keeping purposes. By showing how and when visitors use the site, cookies help us track user trends and patterns. They also prevent you from having to re-enter your preferences on certain areas of the site. Another example of information that we automatically collect as you navigate the site is information about your computer’s connection to the Internet. This information allows us, among other things, to improve the delivery of our web pages to you and to measure traffic on the site. Gathering and evaluating traffic data enables us to make site adjustments that enhance the overall user experience.

Fisage Solutions Private Limited produces educational and marketing resources that insurance professionals can download and share with a valid subscription. To conduct e-commerce transactions, Fisage Solutions Private Limited may collect contact and identification information from visitors to the site who voluntarily provide such information during the account registration process, such as their name, company and/or association affiliation, title, telephone number, mailing address, e-mail or URL address, designations, and practice areas. Fisage Solutions Private Limited may use this information to process account registration and disseminate print or electronic communications such as promotional emails or product surveys.

To better serve our customers, Fisage Solutions Private Limited occasionally may use survey information to help gauge customer satisfaction and the interest and opinions about the insurance industry, Fisage Solutions Private Limited products, its programs, and its services. Unless required by law, or as otherwise noted in a survey request, Fisage Solutions Private Limited does not disclose to third parties the identities of those who respond to surveys but may disclose to the public the survey responses themselves, both individually and in the aggregate. If you don’t want to participate in such communications, you will need to contact Fisage Solutions Private Limited.

Fisage Solutions Private Limited also collects information from visitors to the site who make purchases on the site and who voluntarily provide contact and credit card information for registration or purchase purposes. Except as needed for registration or purchase purposes, or unless required by law, Fisage Solutions Private Limited does not disclose credit card information to third parties.

Not withstanding Fisage Solutions Private Limited’s efforts to protect the privacy of visitors to the website, transmission of sensitive or confidential information to the website should be guided by an understanding that electronic communications are not entirely secure against interception.